Terms of Use for www.spartanbreed.com

1.1 These terms & conditions are relevant to the website www.spartanbreed.com (the “website” and/or “Us” and/or “We”).

These terms act as a digital consent or contract that establishes the legal obligations between this website, or “us” and the user or “you”. Your agreement with these terms is required for you to use this website and like so, by continuing using this website, you are in agreement with these terms and conditions in full.
1.3 This website is intended for the use of any audience of legal age regardless of the place of origin, age, religious beliefs, race, economical status or sexual orientation and is NOT intended to collect data from minors, however, the website does not differentiate the age of the user by default. Like so, you, the user, certify and confirm that you are of minimal legal age at the time of using this website, and at the time of accessing its content and material and at the time of submitting any personal data.
1.2 If accessing the website and/or using it on behalf of a different third person or entity such as a company, you certify that you are authorised to do so, thus, you agree in full to these terms on that person’s or entity’s behalf and that, by agreeing to these terms on that person’s or entity’s behalf, that person or entity is bound by these terms as well as you are.
1.3 We reserve the right to change and/or make any amendments to this website and these terms at any given time and without any prior notice. If we do change these Terms, we will publish the new changes here. By continuing with the use of this website after we have posted such changes, you are in full agreement with such changes.
1.4 The use of this website is bound to these terms and conditions at all times that you are in use of it and purchasing or hiring a service from this website may be bound to an additional agreement between the two parties, thus, it does NOT omit the agreement to these terms of use of this website at any moment and by no means.

Gala Reviews also, www.spartanbreed.com or the website is the sole owner of all material and content in this website, including all information posted within the website such as data, text, graphics, artwork, photographs, logos, icons, sound, videos, recordings, design (look and feel), and all underlying systems such as name, branding, domains and server space, etc.

www.spartanbreed.com functions as an online store/shop for fashion and gym or excercise appareal and sport gear as well as an informational website for individuals or companies seeking online/digital advice, feedback, reviews and/or guidance when about to choose an online platform, website to shop and/or invest, and/or seeking for a specific service online regarding all niches including in this website such as sport, fashion, gym memberships, training plans, personal trainers, and beyond. The website is intended to work as a direct store or platform for shopping as well as an informative mean and a way for anyone interested to be able to make contact in regards to the specific service or product they are searching for and/or to be redirected to the specific platform or website of such service of interest. This means that we offer the user of the website the possibility to request information and to get in touch with us by submitting data to the website as well as to access directly the requested service provider by redirecting the user to such intended website or platform.
Once the user has submitted a request for contact to us through the website, we will receive his/her details in order to be able to get in touch and respond to that request.
In addition to the published services offered, the website may provide other related services not showing on the website such as graphic design services, advertising services, programming services, website development and design services, affiliate marketing services and sales as well as other services not listed that may be relevant to a specific client or customer for a specific purpose or need.
If one of these services or product should be required and/or hired, the client or customer shall receive separate detailed information tailored for his/her specific need with the relevant quote.

In addition, as specified earlier on these terms and conditions, the website (www.spartanbreed.com) may also operate as an affiliate agent when referring customers or visitors to the selected and requested third party website. This means than when a visitor gets redirected to a third party website and makes a purchase, we receive a monetary commission for such purchase.

We take data protection seriously. In order to be able to provide the previously mentioned services, we will collect, store and give use to that data which may be defined as “Personal Data” by law or defined as personal data by nature. We refer to the use of such data in our “Privacy Policy” section which is part of our website and therefore, part of our terms and conditions, and we encourage you to read it in the same way.

We do not share or transfer data to third party websites unless, given the request of the user and in order to fulfil a proper service we are demanded to do so. Some of our partners might be specialising and experts on a specific niche that requires the data to be handled by them. At the same time, as part of our “Lead Generation” and referral services, we might be advertising for one of these partners and when a potential customer or visitor makes an inquiry and/or clicks on a specific button or link to the relevant website offering the wanted services, we will be transferring such information and details to them.

Transferring of personal data in such cases will be handled with discretion, care and responsibility, ensuring that any third party receiving such data can handle and care for it, in accordance to our terms and conditions, however, once that data is transferred and out of our management and control, we cannot be liable nor responsible anymore for how that data is handled.

At any given time and for any reason, you, the user have the right to request your data to be removed and to be taken out from any mailing list or data center.
If this is your wish please do not hesitate to contact us directly at

[email protected]

By accepting the terms and conditions of this website, you are also required to be truthful at all times, meaning, you must provide accurate information and up-to-date when submitting a request for contact. Consequently, you must use this website in good faith and with honest purposes only; we will rely on the data submitted by you to provide the best quality service that we can give. Needless to say, you must never use this website with harmful intentions towards us nor any other third parties, nor with any intentions other than acquiring knowledge about our offered services and on how to get in contact with us.
Lastly, you must never use our brand, logo, trademark, company name or anything related to us for any purpose beyond what would require you to do so for the use of our services.

1. To the extent of what is applicable by law, we are not responsible nor liable in any way nor by any means to any direct or indirect damage and/or loss that may have been caused to you and/or others by the use of this website.
Moreover, we are not responsible for any injuries and/or damages that could have been caused by the following circumstances:
A ) Breaching a contract
B ) Negligence
C ) Errors on the website, or errors on any of the third-party websites linked by us.
D ) Omission or lack of information of some sort on our website or at any of our linked third party websites.
E ) Website being unavailable, not responsive in part or in full, or performing slow or at any of our third-party linked websites.
F ) Exposure to malware or viruses or any other form of interface that may cause damage to your systems or computers by us or any of the third-party websites linked by us.
G ) Any other type of possible damages of any kind that could have come from our website or any of the third-party websites linked by us and beyond.
You should always make sure that your computer and/or any device used to navigate the website is protected and that you are the sole responsible for its protection including any risk that may be involved when clicking on external links from the website and any links on this website pointing/redirecting to third party websites does not mean a recommendation, approval nor endorsement of any kind.
2. We make no assurances that this website is suitable for all laws in all countries and you should check with your local laws and authorities if it is legal and adequate to navigate this website prior to engaging in any services offered by us and/or establishing contact with us.
3. Your access to this website is at your own risk and by the extent of what the local laws allow.
4. We are not liable nor responsible for any damages and/or losses caused by the use and agreements on these terms and conditions of use to this website.
5. We will not be liable nor responsible for any damages and/or losses that any third party website and/or person may have caused to you or anything of which we have no control.
6. This agreement of terms of use of this website overrule any other agreement/s made prior to the use and agreement of these terms, and therefore any prior agreement to this one has no effect and no warranties.

  1. We can’t and don’t guarantee that a specific product is original and/or that the size is adecuate to your specific body type or that the colours will be showing exactly as it is depicted on the photos. Some colours may be in reality showing differently than in the photos and sizes may not be as it is in your country or region. Despite this, our suppliers have factories and production facilities in different regions fitting the adecuate region sizes. Many details may be outside our control such as delivery delays, factory demands and availability of products in stock as well as other events that may disrupt a smooth flow such as market disruptions, global events, third-party websites/suppliers not available, etc.

This Agreement will be governed in all respects by the substantive and procedural laws of Sweden, and specifically the Judiciary of Västra Götaland, without giving effect to any choice of law or conflict of law rules provisions, that would cause the application of the laws of any jurisdiction other than the magistrates’ court in Västra Götaland, Sweden.
Like so, In the event of a legal dispute between Spartan Breed and/or the website www.spartanbreed.com and any of its customers or visitors, for any reason, all parties shall first attempt to solve it by agreement between them and only if the parties cannot agree between them, then the dispute may be decided only by the magistrates’ court in Västra Götaland, Sweden.

Updated on April, 2023.


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